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                               Hi There!!!  My name is Glenn Davies and I love TOYS!!!   I work for the Road Commission for Oakland County as their "Radioman".  When not at work I am usually working at my own business, T.R.G. Communications, doing the same thing I am suppose to be doing at work.   When I have goof off time I spend it riding my GoldWing (all over the country!), Boating with Sharon (the BEST wife in the universe!), Traveling with Sharon (see previous comment!), and spending time with our two FANTASTIC daughters, Cindy and Kathy (when they are home). My Parents live in Florida and love it there, While Sharon's parents are here in Michigan and love it here....The girls are all over the place but spend most of there time working or going to school.  Cindy (25, old) just received her Masters in Dance Therapy and is working in the Big Apple at Bellevue Hospital.    Kathy (22) is in her last (yea!) year at Western Michigan University and is getting her degree in Psychology also, but she want do do photography instead.  I have a younger brother (Gregg) that likes the same stuff as I do but with different priorities, boat then bike.  Glenys, my younger sister, is a sports freak as is her husband Fred, just like my dad ...Go figure :-)

Oh well, fingers are getting tired so that is all for now......                                      


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