The Fotos!!!!!

Glouster, MASS

The Girls!!!

Cindy and Kathy at Cindy's graduation from Grad School

Das Boat

My Sweety in the Bahamas

Sharon and I on a covered bridge in N.H.

Tough GUY!!!!

318 turns in 11 miles IN THE RAIN!

My Bike at the Gap

Gregg at Deals Gap

Flagler Beach

Note the crowds!! Gregg and I raced the camera!!

P-38 Lightning

Mom and Dad!!!!! 1952

Lookin' down the side of the Ren Cen.....

Hanging over the edge!!!! 75 floors!! SPLAT!

The Fam!!!

Our "room" in Bennington VT

This is our cool room at the Inn in VT. The girls had the up stairs and we had the fireplace....Very Cool!

B-17 HEAD ON!!

B-17 Flyover!!


B-17 overflying us while we were on the runway!!

Hey!!! Wait for me!!!

Jim taking off!! Me taking pics???

Wait a minute!!!!

Look! in the sky!!!

Yeah! It's Jim!!

gonna be a long walk home!!!

Wind Power!!


Sunset on the boat at Cass Lake

Why don't you relax!

Sharon Chillin' out!

AHHH Retirement!!

See the Hammock!!!!

MY Girls!


Under the Tree!

Cindy and Kathy under the tree


Even the dog gets in the act!

I smell a rat!!!!

The Cheese shop in Pinconning, MI

Mine and My brother Gregg's MONSTERS!

Keep off WHAT???

Daughters and Nieces with their crazy Uncle/Dad

Doctor Cindy!

Kathy and I in Chicago

Sharon and Kathy in Chicago

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